The procedure for change your password

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The way of your password change is as follows :-
1. Log in to your PDTI Mail Box at URL : by Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.
2. Click Option on the left window.

3. Slide down the scroll bar of the right window and look for change password
4. The screen will show you about Security Alert. Then you click Ok. and Yes.

5. The screen will be changed again.Please fill the your information :-
Domain :
Account : <Enter your account name>
Old password : <Enter your old password>
New Password : <Please fill your new password>
Confirm New Password : Please confirm your new password.

6. Click Ok. It shows you "Password change successfully".
7. Close all of browser.
8. Then you 're ready to use your new password on PDTI Mail Server

Should you have some problems, please call K.Worasit at 7472. Thank you...